So I finally finished reading Conversations with God by Neale Donald Walsch this weekend. I picked up this incredible book at the beginning of summer after hearing about it on HighExistence, recommended by Jordan Lejuwaan himself (the founder of the website).

Written as a dialogue between Walsch and God, the book is an easy yet exceptionally thought-provoking read. Born and raised into a practicing Catholic family, I have seen first-hand the good and the bad that comes with religion, and for the past few years I have been questioning and forming my own beliefs. Whether you want to believe that Walsch actually had a conversation with God or not, the book provides the most logical explanation of life and God that I have ever read, challenging many traditional notions of God and religion. Even if you do not agree with everything Walsh has to say, he definitely offers some really interesting stuff to think about. So regardless of your own personal beliefs—if you’re a devout Catholic or a headstrong atheist—this book is a must read for anyone with an open mind to new perspectives. Ultimately, spirituality aside, at the heart of the book Walsch emphasizes the power of the mind to achieve whatever it is you want to achieve in life and to be whoever you want to be–the process of turning thought into action and thus into physical reality.

To give you a glimpse into what you will find in the book, here are some of my favorite quotes from the book, in no particular order:

“The deepest secret is that life is not a process of discovery, but a process of creation.”

“For God does not reveal Godself to Godself from or through outward observation, but through inward experience. And when inward experience has revealed Godself, ouward observation is not necessary. And if outward observation is necessary, inward experience is not possible.”

“God is the observer, not the creator… It is not God’s function to create, or uncreate, the circumstances or conditions of your life. God created you, in the image and likeness of God… In this sense, your will for you is God’s will for you.”

“For it is the nature of people to love, then destroy, then love again that which they value most.”

“All human actions are motivated at their deepest level by one of two emotions—fear or love.”

“You cannot experience yourself as what you are until you’ve encountered what you are not. This is the purpose of the theory of relativity, and all physical life. It is by that which you are not that you yourself are defined.”

“You cannot change the outer event, so you must change the inner experience. This is the road to mastery in living.”

“There is nothing you cannot be, there is nothing you cannot do. There is nothing you cannot have.”

“A true master does not “give up” something. A true Master simply sets it aside, as he would do with anything for which he no longer has any use. There are those who say you must overcome your desires. I say you must simply change them.”

“Know and understand that there will be challenges and difficult times. Don’t try to avoid them. Welcome them. Gratefully. Cultivate the technique of seeing all problems as opportunities. Opportunities to…be, and decide, Who You Really Are.”

“You are saying that I, God, made inherently imperfect beings, then have demanded of them to be perfect, or face damnation. You are saying then that, somewhere several thousand years into the world’s experience, I relented, saying that from then on you didn’t necessarily have to be good, you simply had to feel bad when you were not being good, and accept as your savior the One Being who could always be perfect, thus satisfying My hunger for perfection. You are saying that My Son–who you call the One Perfect One–has saved you from your own imperfection–the imperfection that I gave you. In other words, God’s Son has saved you from what His Father did.”

“Religion is your attempt to speak of the unspeakable. It does not do a very good job.”

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Peace and love,



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